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Outdoor furniture as furniture which a new fashion, reflects the people a relaxed life. This summer is the owner of the new home layout, in the selection of outdoor furniture can be forgotten when the decoration of all the troubles, into the beauty of pastoral life among them. This summer there are more varieties of outdoor furniture, more fun, not only can be used in the courtyard, more can also take them to travel, let you light starting.

Three lifestyle outdoor options

Now the outdoor furniture can be divided into three categories. One is permanently fixed in the outdoor furniture, such as wood kiosks, wooden tables and chairs, iron tables and chairs. Such furniture generally have good corrosion resistance, weight is relatively heavy, long-term outdoor. There is also a category of outdoor furniture that can be moved, such as rattan, wood, etc., when used outside, when not in storage can be placed in the room, so this kind of furniture more comfortable, not to consider so much solid and anti-corrosion Performance, you can join some cloth and so on.

The other is to carry outdoor furniture, such as small tables, chairs and parasols, this type of furniture is generally made of aluminum or canvas, light weight, easy to carry, wild travel, fishing is very suitable, the best Can bring some outdoor equipment, barbecue grills, tents, a class, add a lot of fun for outdoor travel.

Selection of outdoor furniture coarse and fine

We are generally more careful when choosing furniture, but the choice of outdoor furniture is a combination of thickness. First of all, if long-term outdoor, the inevitable wind and sun, so you have to do a good job of deformation and fading homes have the psychological preparation, most of the general choice of fir and pine wood. However, in the choice of connectors, you have to be more careful, because it is related to the strong outdoor furniture, the wind can not always put a few days to split the shelf.

Therefore, its self-respect should be relatively heavy and should be firmly connected with the ground, fixed by ropes, or buried.

In the outdoor furniture parts connection, the general tenon or metal parts connection, generally more solid than the intermetallic connection, but do good tenon joint is not only strong, there is room for movement between the parts under stress, Increase the stability of the structure. And mortise and tenon furniture also has the beauty of the pastoral nature and structure, but the craft can be good.

Material selection and style of living room

Speaking from the material itself, in addition to performance, there are still some characteristics and techniques in style to achieve coordination with the overall style. For example, in general, wrought iron lines smooth, elegant design of the pattern, easy and classical style of interior design coordination, so rigid and supple. The wooden outdoor furniture is more suitable for modern, minimalist style of the indoor environment, the line is generally based on a straight line, and some other exaggerated shape is also better. For the pastoral style of the indoor environment, wood color and then fit, natural texture and temperament are easier to coordinate, through the delicate lines and details to create a calm atmosphere of life.

Folding outdoor furniture popular

A new phenomenon appeared on the market this year, that is, the outdoor folding furniture began to increase, whether it is wood or iron, are through the connector allows furniture can be easily folded, so that these furniture in Beijing when the weather is not good Easy to store, if you want to travel, but also can be easily taken away.

It is worth mentioning that, not only wrought iron outdoor furniture has a visual effect of cool, but also feel cold and cool, for the hot summer, it undoubtedly has a great temptation. Smooth lines and foldable features, reducing the impression of the heavy feeling. Ready to go at any time, outdoor furniture so that people finally go from indoor to outdoor, from home to nature.

Reporter reminds: choose wrought iron outdoor furniture attention, the surface is smooth; also have to ask whether after moisture, in addition to oil impurities, rust and rust treatment.

Price reference: folding outdoor furniture slightly higher prices. The iron furniture prices are not expensive, this year's iron market compared to previous work more sophisticated, the price rose slightly.

Portable index:★★★★

Lightweight outdoor furniture hot

The rattan, plastic, aluminum, inflatable outdoor furniture are exceptionally popular in the summer of 2005 due to their light weight. These specially treated outdoor furniture to meet the moisture, moth, rain and other features, and easy to move, the shape is also very delicate, so this type of outdoor furniture will be the new trend.

However, this type of furniture is characterized by a wide range of price differences, such as relatively speaking, rattan, plastic, air are the cheapest material, but after special treatment, the price is high, and the low price of the product may be Not durable. Now popular aluminum outdoor furniture, the advantage is light and easy, the general framework is aluminum alloy, the rest consists of PVC cloth, or canvas, because of the light weight, the general can be folded, move more convenient, so do not occupy the room Places, travel to bring more light.

In this outdoor travel to become fashionable summer, a small table, a few small chairs, although not as comfortable as the sofa, but the ease of personality, or become a lot of people in the car necessary equipment.

Reporters remind: These materials have to be specially treated, otherwise not only not durable, as well as health risks.

Price reference: rattan furniture, the price of a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, some dozens of plastic furniture can buy, inflatable furniture prices are about one hundred yuan, so the price is relatively affordable. But there are also high-priced, inflatable tables above the French show on July 7 to 2500 euros.