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"Custom" is usually used in indoor furniture, or because of apartment layout needs, or because the owner of a unique vision, more demanding, custom furniture came into being. Nowadays, the outdoor furniture can also be customized, or outdoor furniture has always been less pipeline-like products due to the different outdoor space areas and orientation positions. In order to meet more demand, the current outdoor furniture manufacturers on the market will provide more customized services. Of course, customization is not limited to furniture, there is a group of professional courtyard designers, they are like interior designers, will help you grasp the overall design of outdoor space, with their own knowledge and experience, through the ratio of space size, Orientation and use of efficiency and other issues to consider, to provide you with the choice of outdoor furniture style, size and texture of the proposal.

However, placing a few pieces of furniture on the terrace or the yard, why go so far? Perhaps many people will have such questions, however, the courtyard designer told us that the overall planning for the outdoor space is to optimize the space combination and make effective use of every corner , According to the design of custom outdoor furniture for future use more humane and more convenient. For example, a three-person hospitable house, if you want to customize the ring seat and table should choose to sit 4 to 5 people larger size, or home to guests want to chat on the terrace or playing cards is difficult to achieve, Very inconvenient; and long sun outdoor space, you should choose good quality and convenient maintenance of outdoor furniture furniture, otherwise it will speed up the aging of furniture.

Strict material technology anti-corrosion off

Custom outdoor furniture has become the current market more popular and personalized trend, and building materials supermarkets and some outdoor furniture brands in the pipeline products are different, because it was made before, so this kind of furniture in the size, size, materials, Process and anti-corrosion treatment and other aspects of the larger differences. Select custom outdoor furniture, what should be strictly controlled? Experts believe that from the share of the price ratio, the material, technology and anti-corrosion treatment can not be ignored three major issues.

Among them, the pros and cons of raw materials have the greatest impact on the final price of furniture. Outdoor furniture is usually selected as the substrate of pine wood, wood preservative and surface structure of solidified carbonized wood, good bearing, affordable, but more easy to deformation and cracking; and homogeneous carbonized wood after high temperature heat treatment, reducing the moisture absorption and stability of wood High, corrosion resistance, not easy to deform cracking, but the load-bearing performance weakened, the price is too high. With these basic knowledge, experts suggest that according to their own circumstances choose the right material, do not let manufacturers choose; Outdoor furniture is the pursuit of the natural and the original ecosystem, the shape is usually more rough, primitive, and indoor furniture commonly used patterns or sculptures rarely appear. At this point, the furniture shape, radian and corner of the production process becomes the standard of its refined or not, therefore, this pass can not be ignored. Inseparable from the wind and the sun is the fate of outdoor furniture, furniture, if you want to have a "strong physique" and "withstand the appearance of rainy weather", anti-corrosion pest control must be in place, or pretty useless.

The courtyard style determines the furniture style

One of the benefits of having an overall plan for the patio and customizing outdoor furniture is that it allows the outdoor space to be self contained, with its own style and personality, without having to worry about "bumping furniture." It is understood that Chinese, American and Japanese are the most representative of the three courtyard style.

Chinese pavilion, rockery, arch bridge, water as an element, more than a state of mind to Xanadu suitable for outdoor space larger people choose. The best furniture in the Ming and Qing Dynasties style-based, deep color positioning, highlighting the calm atmosphere.

American outdoor sofa, side tables and chairs, bar stools, hammocks, lawns and other elements, leisure and comfort, close to nature is the main tone, outdoor space can be large sofa, side tables, sun loungers all in place, the space is limited then Bar stools and small hammocks can be used to create the atmosphere. However, custom furniture must be calculated when the size and size to avoid self-defeating.

Japanese-style tatami, gravel, residual wood, moss and other elements, compact, fresh and elegant is the most want to express the mood, the most suitable for small patio, small courtyard, and even open balcony use. Choosing such furniture also depends on whether the style of the interior space, such as the difference is too large will affect the overall effect. Japanese-style furniture in the major home stores and building materials supermarkets are sold, if you do not want to spend more custom, you can also choose to buy finished products in these places. Of course, also have to ask if it has done antiseptic pest control.


Question one: outdoor furniture quality and environmental standards?

A: At present, there is no specific requirements and standards for the quality and environmental coefficient of outdoor furniture products in our country. There is no need to submit any products for sale before the listing of all kinds of products. However, the industry also said that although the state of non-standard finished products, but for the production of outdoor furniture, raw materials quality and environmental protection have certain requirements. Therefore, consumers at the time of purchase, you can view the relevant documents to distinguish the quality of raw materials.

Question 2: Outdoor furniture, warranty time should be how long?

A: At present, outdoor furniture industry does not have a mandatory warranty time, usually based on the seller's own decision. However, the outdoor furniture warranty is divided into construction and quality assurance and raw materials quality warranty two parts, construction and technology refers to the outdoor furniture in the production process flawed, such as tables and chairs broken legs and other legs, most of this one year warranty; and raw materials warranty It is a guarantee of the quality of the materials used in the product. It is understood that the warranty period for this part of the market ranges from 10 to 30 years and varies. Because there is no standard outdoor furniture, there is no mandatory warranty time, therefore, experts advise consumers, when signing the contract in the quality of the project and time must be careful, the clearer notes the better.